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Using our complete product line, Tri-Mag, Inc. can help solve your power conversion needs.

Tri-Mag offers a very diverse line of Switching Power Supplies featuring small size, low cost and high efficiency. Included in this line are the New Zero Voltage Switching Supplies, Hot Swap and Redundant Series along with our new Desktop and Table-top Series. If we don’t have the design for your system please call us for more information.

Tri-Mag has a wide range of Converters to suit most of your application needs. The table below shows Low power, Middle power, and High voltage DC to DC converters. All of our Converter lines are ready to fit any customer’s design requirements. If we don’t have the design for your system please use our Custom DC-DC Converter design form for special products and quotes.

Tri-Mag offers the best in EMI/RFI filter support and design, due in part to the ever-changing technologies in power electronics and communication systems. Tri-Mag takes an active part with our customers to meet the problems associated with EMI/RFI emissions; that is why we offer a vast range of filters exclusively designed to meet your systems needs. Below are the Preferred or most popular filters and Standard filter. Preferred General Purpos, Standard General PurposePreferred MedicalPreferred Three Phase, and Standard Three Phase.

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