V Technical Textiles

About V Technical Textiles, Inc: Plated fabrics open unlimited opportunities for product development, and Shieldex Trading, with more than sixteen years of experience can help with a multitude of plated textile materials and processes including premium EMI shielding material for EMI shielded tents and enclosures.

About our products: Silver has inherent qualities that make it the ideal element to use in applications as varied as medical wound dressings, odor-free textiles, thermal management, conductive tapes, architectural shielding, EMI shielding gaskets as well as anti-microbial wipes and linens. Shieldex Trading’s silver-plated fabric, tape, fillers and yarns make all these applications marketable products.

Other metalized woven and nonwoven fabrics expand the scope of what can be accomplished. Nickel and tin over copper plated fabrics offer premium EMI shielding for tents and enclosures.

Aluminum foil laminates provides answers to thermal management concerns and can solve cost sensitive EMI shielding problems such as I/O applications as well as infrared signature reduction.

V Technical Textiles  is committed to providing quality metalized materials. If you need a plated fabric, metalized yarn and conductive thread, zippers and tapes, please contact us with your specifications.

V Technical Textiles, Inc.
About V Technical Textiles: Fabricator of finished goods produced from Shieldex conductive materials. Specializing in EMI/EMC shielding and protection, we offer a full line of standard and custom portable shielded enclosures from bench top to Aerospace! V Technical Textiles offers so many products from conductive fabrics that we can’t list them all here! Please feel free to download our corporate brochure here. For a full listing please feel free to visit their websites:
www.vtechtextiles.com  www.shopvtechtextiles.com


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