Electro-Metrics Corp.

located in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains in Upstate New York.  The company has a proud history.  Founded in 1963, the company now has product lines in Antennas & Sensors for RF Communications, EMI/EMC and Data Communications.  Today companies whose names are household words rely on Electro-Metrics’ equipment and systems technology.   Government agencies around the world (including the highest levels of the US Government) use our equipment to secure their most sensitive communications.

The New Electro-Metrics

Electro-Metrics Corp. is a leading designer, producer and integrator of antennas, sensors and systems for broadband RF communications and testing. The sensors are used in wireless voice and data communications and electromagnetic interference/compatibility (EMI/EMC) characterization and testing.

Electro-Metrics has been in business since the early 1960s, but because its markets are fast-moving and because no supplier can stand still and remain successful, the company has quietly reinvented itself over the past few years to meet contemporary market needs. The major changes at Electro-Metrics include new corporate ownership and structure; a sweeping new-product development effort; a push into complementary new communications markets; a spacious, fully-equipped headquarters facility with greater testing and manufacturing capabilities; and above all an emphasis on what small companies tend to do better than large companies: deliver superior customer service and responsiveness.
Credit for the many changes under way at Electro-Metrics goes to its employees, nearly a third of whom comprise the technical staff.


Electro-Metrics has always been highly regarded for its expert design and systems engineering for broadband RF applications and integration. Those traditions continue but new-product efforts have established Electro-Metrics as a totally vertically integrated supplier of antennas and sensors for broadband RF applications in the 10 KHz to 40 GHz frequency range and beyond. EM is now a source for cost-effective broadband sensors and systems for this entire frequency range.

Among Electro-Metrics’ products are best-in-class broadband antenna/sensor kits for specialized communications security. Some kits have become the standards for such applications.

Since 1963 Electro-Metrics has been a recognized source for equipment used in EMI/EMC measurements and testing.  This tradition continues with antennas, sensors, probes and patented innovative continuous-ground, low-drag turntables; ancillary equipment like a line-impedance stabilization networks and a full line of accessories.

Wireless Voice/Data Communications

Capitalizing on its core competency in broadband RF communications, Electro-Metrics has entered the fast-growing markets for wireless voice and data communications with a diverse line of products. Initial products include RF and fiber optic modems, IF demodulators, remote-control systems, fiber optic switches, telephone-line-to-fiber multiplexers, emergency communications equipment, antennas, and test systems for Personal Communications Systems (PCS) equipment.

New Facility And Capabilities

Electro-Metrics is located in a modern facility on 10 acres in Johnstown, NY. It features multiple antenna ranges and an automated antenna calibration capability for Communications and EMI antennas. Electronics assembly includes surface-mount capabilities, and manufacturing at Electro-Metrics is an efficient process that makes use of sophisticated computer-aided manufacturing systems, a CNC-based machine shop and CNC sheet metal fabrication capabilities. In addition to manufacturing its own products, Electro-Metrics serves as a contract manufacturer for other companies.

A Focus On Service And Responsiveness

Many firms promise to be responsive and to deliver customer service but too often those words are hollow. At Electro-Metrics, though, there are many tangible examples of these commitments. One example is Electro-Metrics’ willingness to take on custom work, particularly in antennas. Unlike some other antenna suppliers who may do so reluctantly, Electro-Metrics designs custom antennas eagerly and routinely. The work benefits both customers and Electro-Metrics, because once an antenna is designed it then becomes a catalog item and can be shipped from stock in the future.

An example in customer service is product support. Electro-Metrics will repair any piece of equipment it has ever made, dating back to 1963 (providing components are still available).

To make it easy to do business, the company now accepts credit cards including US Government cards, Mastercard, Visa and American Express for equipment purchases.

Taken together, all of these aspects add up to a dynamic Electro-Metrics that customers can depend on to deliver the industry’s best and most cost-efficient broadband RF solutions, today and in the future.

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